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Mexican Hacienda Furniture


The Hacienda designs came from a small furniture manufacturing company located in the Mexican village of Todo Santos near the tip of Baja California. For a long time we have looked for a quality design for this Hacienda style furniture. In these five designs we think we have found a beautiful representation of this type of furniture. 

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This chest with pinned lap joints is a very easy construction project. We detail in the plans the cover for the lock, which is made of 1/16" steel. This is easily cut with a sabersaw with a steel cutting blade. The chest can be lined with cedar planking which is available at most home centers.
Size: 18" high by 44" wide and 19" deep.
Skill level Beginner
Plan # 293 Price $16.95
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This small table can be used behind a sofa or set against a wall, or under a window. The two drawers are flush fitting with hand cut dovetails. The construction is mortise and tenon and it is constructed with white pine.
Size: 28" high by 52" wide and 16" deep.
Skill level Beginner
Plan # 292 Price $14.95
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This design with the curved upper doors will open to accept a 32” TV or the shelving can be left in place for clothes.   This piece is constructed of white pine with a medium oak finish.  Profiles for the templates for either routing or shaping the raised panel are detailed in the plans.
Size: 74” high by 46” wide and 20” deep.
Skill level Beginner/Intermediate
Plan # 291 Price $19.95
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This design with the planked back and adjustable shelves makes a nice display case for either collectibles or books.  The two storage drawers have hand cut dovetails. Behind the two doors is a stationary shelf.  The Bookcase is constructed of white pine.
Size: 74” high by 46” wide and 20” deep.
Skill level Beginner/Intermediate
Plan # 294 Price $18.95
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This small chest can double as a serving table or a storage chest.  The planked doors and drawers lend a rustic touch to the design.  The drawers all have hand cut dovetails, which we detail in the instructions.  The construction is white pine.
Size: 30” high by 36” wide and 20” deep.
Skill level Beginner/Intermediate
Plan # 296 Price $17.95
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