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In shops all over the world, people are creating projects from the most finely detailed vase to tables and chairs. You do not have to be an expert woodworker to find your way around the shop. With a little creativity and some knowledge anyone can build something spectacular. Below are just some of the techniques we use here in our shop at American Furniture Design Co. With the proven know-how and technique you can read off these links, it can take your woodworking up to the next level. If you have any helpful tips that you would like to share and have posted here, please email us at americanfurniture@cox.net.

Remember, enjoy your woodworking and share your skills and knowledge with others


wpe72.jpg (6927 bytes) wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    How to cut Butterfly Inlays

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    Table Top mounting secrets

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    Making perfect doweling joints

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    Making Rabbet & Dadoe joints

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    How to cut Lap & Miter joints

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    Making Lock Miter & Finger joints

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    Sharping Mortising Chiesls


wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    How to make a Shop Roller Stand

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)     Installing no-mortise hinges

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    How to make hand-cut Dovetails

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    Mortising Techniques

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    Mortising & Drilling Fences

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    Basic Biscuit Joinery

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Making Edges for Plywood

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    Tabletop Glue up Techniques wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Top 10 Unavoidable Truths


wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    Baldor Lortone Sharpening System


wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   The Wood Lathe
wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)    Decimal Equivalency Chart wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Pegging a Mortise and Tenon Joint


wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)     Installing Euro-style Hinges wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Tablesaw Miter Jig
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wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Selecting Hardwoods and their use

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Wood Movement & its effects

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   How to buy Hardwoods and selecting

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wpe81.jpg (17604 bytes) wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)  Finishing Techniques

                 A) Oil Stains
                     B) Water Stains
                     C) Nongrain Raising (NGR)
                     D) Alcohol Stains
                     E) Custom Stains
                     F) Waxed Finishes
                     G) Tung Oil Finishes
                     H) Shellac Finish
                     I) Lacquer Finishes
                     J) Polyurethane Finishes

wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)  Finishing for Period Funiture


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wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Table Saw Tune-up
wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Band Saw Tune-up   
wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Radial Arm Saw Tune-up
wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Drill Press Rules
wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Dust Collection for the Small Shop
wpe1C.jpg (2349 bytes)   Choosing the Right Router Bit


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