We are pleased to announce the 15th year of our Furniture Design Contest. We will award a Grizzly Band Saw to the woodworker who creates the best piece of furniture from an American Furniture Design Plan. The Grizzly Band Saw is rated by American Woodworker Magazine in a recent comparison of   table saws, as their "Best Buy".  The entry form for the contest is the last page of this section. You may also submit designs of your own. You will need to supply two color photos of your piece, a front view and a side view along with a description of the materials that you used. Your photos will not be returned. We plan to have 3 finalists and from them we will award the Band Saw on December 15, just in time for Christmas 2014.

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So put your woodworking skills together and create that special project that you have been putting off for the past couple of years. As the year progresses every contestant will receive recognition for their entry by receiving an embossed certificate signed by the judges for participation in the contest. This certificate is suitable for framing and it will fit quite well in your den or office as commendation of your woodworking skills. So don’t delay, get a start on this nationally recognized program and join our contest today. Our advertising will feature a picture of the winning craftsman, along with the piece of furniture in early January 2015. So join our program to be recognized as one of the best woodworkers in America. Each plan that you order will have the necessary entry forms. If you need additional information just call us.

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Meet our Furniture Design Contest winner for 2013!!!

We want to thank all of the participants this year who took the time to enter the contest. With over 125 qualified entries it was an honor to judge all who entered. Every year we sit and look through pictures, read submission descriptions and at the end of the day we realize that the talent and skill that each one of our contestants have is truly a blessing to us to be able to share stories and projects with you all. So without further adieu, I present our 2013 Bandsaw winner.

                                                                                                                                2013 Winner of the Grizzly Bandsaw


Albert Laninga

With his renditions of two of the Curly Maple Rocker Our plan # 120 from Del Cover...



Meet our Furniture Design Contest winner for 2012!!!

David Specht is our winner for 2012 with his rendition of our plan 151 the Roll Top Desk. Pictures are in process... More to come...


Meet our Furniture Design Contest winner for 2011!!!

Larry's beautiful build of Nancy's Rocker is our winner for 2011.  Just a great job and the lamination in the rockers really sets off the design!!! See our plan #415


Meet our Furniture Design Contest winner for 2010!!!


   Gary Dunlap  is our winner for the 2010 contest with a stunning rendition of our linen press. He used paduk, curly maple and standard maple. Finished with polyurethane and shellac  All the drawers are hand cut dovetails!! Great Job Gary!!!


Meet our Furniture Design Contest winner for 2009!!!



Steve Cox is our winner for the 2009 contest with a great rendition of Alice Roth Suszynski's Ladies Writing Desk!!  Made in cherry, with wenge for the drawer pulls and the pillars for the back. In 1999 Steve drew honorable mention, 2nd place, in the Grizzly Table Saw contest.


Meet our Furniture Design Contest winner for 2008!!!

          Richard Weigand is our winner for the 2008 Contest with his rendition of Del Covers Curly Maple Rocker made in cherry and walnut. He followed the plans exactly using mortise and tenon joints and finished with 8 coats of Waterlox finish. 


Meet our Furniture Design Contest winner for 2007!!!


Ted Walker is our Winner of the 2007 Contest with his Bow Arm Morris Chair made in cherry!!  He has just done a great job on this Classic Design of ours. He finished it with 4 coats of oil rubbed out with steel wool. He felt that the cherry would give the chair a more modern look rather that quarter-sawn white oak.  He also thought that our plans were detailed, very accurate and easy to work from!!!!!


Meet our Furniture Design Contest winner for 2006!!!


Doug Swanson is our winner for 2006.  Doug's rendition of the Plan #151 Roll Top Desk is by far incredibly well thought out and just gorgeous.  Doug modified the desk to make it into a workstation, adjusting to fit his monitor and tower.  He used red oak throughout and finished with Golden Oak stain with a poly finish.  Not a bad job for 3 weeks of work Doug!!!!


Meet our Furniture Design Contest winner for 2005!!!


And the winner is...............   Jim Hogan!!! Our 2005 Tablesaw winner! Congratulations Jim on a project well done, and a great story to boot. Lets meet this years winner! He built plan #337 Kelsea's Crib for his daughter's new baby. This is Jim's 9th grandchild. The exciting news came from a package for him from his daughter, which included an ultrasound with the plan for the crib. A note attached to the plan said " you have 7 months to build this". Good memories!


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Meet our Furniture Design Contest winners for 2004!!!

This year our first place winner is Mike Sullivan, of Jefferson City, MO.  Mike made our plan #121 Del Cover's Contemporary Cradle.  The rockers are black walnut, the base is ash, the top was laminated from hickory and the 40 spindles were turned from maple and stained a wild berry stain. The final glue-up was done the day before his Grandson, Conred was born! Congratulations Mike, first on your timing, and on a truly great job on a challenging project!!! Enjoy your new Grizzly Table saw!

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Msullivan.jpg (36163 bytes)

S&SWINNERS 001.jpg (331705 bytes)

S&SWINNERS 002.jpg (214480 bytes)

Our Second Place Winner is David Serada, of Henderson, NV.  David made our plan #291 The Hacienda Armoire, which is part of our Mexican Hacienda Collection.  The Armoire was made of pine in the old style tradition with raised panels, mortise & tenon joints. Old rusted handles and hinges were used for that old world touch.  David imported the stain from Baja, California to finish the project!  David, wins a DeWalt 2 HP Plunge Router!


Dave.jpg (30107 bytes)

Serada01.jpg (177104 bytes)

Serada02.jpg (227079 bytes)

The third place this year goes to Chuck Schepp, of Middleton, WI.  Chuck made one of our favorites, plan #181 the Bow Arm Morris Chair.  Both the Chair and the Footstool are constructed from quartersawn white oak. All the joints are mortise & tenon and are pinned.  A Mission Brown stain was used followed by many coats of semi-gloss lacquer.  The chestnut leather replicates the period look.  Chuck, wins a DeWalt Biscuit Joiner Kit!


chuck_rgb.jpg (26604 bytes)

S&SWINNERS 003.jpg (108801 bytes)

S&SWINNERS 004.jpg (291045 bytes)

Meet our Furniture Design Contest winners for 2003!!!

Our first place winner this year is Jack Wellman of Lawrenceburg, IN. Jack finished our plan # 295 the Mission Grandfather Clock. Made with furniture grade White Oak and complete construction with mortise and tenon joinery. He finished this project in perfect timing for the contest. In 1952 he purchased a 8" Craftsman table saw from sears. Needless to say he still has that old saw in great working order, but now has a brand new Grizzly table saw on the way.

Congratulations Jack on a job very well done!

wpe35.jpg (9885 bytes)

wpe49.jpg (13840 bytes)


Congratulations to David Boeff for his completion of the Mission Table and Chair's. He modified the table to hold bread shelve on the end of the table. The top is made of  solid 1" qtr sawn white oak. The table is 42"x72" closed, and extends to 104". Bigger than our original. All joinery is mortise and tenon. With his 2nd place finish David will receive a De Walt 2HP Plunge Router!!

wpe4F.jpg (21945 bytes)

wpe4A.jpg (14021 bytes)


Our 3rd place winner of this years contest took our plan # 100 Calico Table and transformed it into a coffee table! The top was constructed of White Oak and Trimmed with Makore. The feet for the table were made from Walnut, and other woods including Cherry, Red Oak, Hard maple and Birch were used in the design. A very creative way to liven up your living room. Congratulations go out to Duane Stierson of Waukesha, WI!! 3rd place winner of our Furniture Design Contest. He is the proud new owner of a De Walt Biscuit Joiner.

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Our 2002 Furniture Design Contest winners!!!

Meet Steve Lemons, from Green Cove Springs, Florida our 2002 winner!
Grizzly table saw winner!

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Stephen's project that won this years contest was the Mission Entertainment Center, Plan #232. The Center was made of quartersawn white oak and assembled with mortise and tenon joinery.  In addition to this entry Stephen made the Mission Dresser and the Mission Bed for a complete bedroom set! This bedroom set is just outstanding in construction and attention to detail.

Steve Lemons.jpg (38248 bytes)                       Entertainment Center.jpg (68769 bytes)

Leon Adams, Second Place from St. Hedwig, Texas!

DeWalt 2 HP Plunge Router winner!

Leon's project was the Computer Center, Plan # 309.  The Center was made of Red Oak and finished with a Fruitwood stain and Satin Varnish.  Leon entered just at the end of last year and we misplaced his pictures so he sent another set to compete in this years contest.

Leon Adams.jpg (75456 bytes)                  Computer Center_Leon Adams.jpg (63804 bytes)

Donald Fritch, Third Place from Dover New Jersey !

DeWalt Biscuit Joiner Kit winner!

Donald's project was the Mission Sideboard, Plan #230.  Out of the Sideboard entries this one stood out with the added detail.   Donald added a backsplash with inset tiles that can be removed and changed as the decor changes in his home.  The sideboard is made of Mahogany and the joinery is all mortise and tenon.

Fritchheadshot2.JPG (515003 bytes)        DonFritchSideboard.jpg (78006 bytes)

Our 2001 Furniture Design Contest winners!!!

Meet Larry Tuck, from Quebec, Canada our 2001 winner!
Grizzly table saw winner!

DESK1.jpg (27998 bytes) DESK2.jpg (27294 bytes) Larry Tuck c.jpg (34925 bytes)
Larry’s project was our Abe Cutler Roll Top Desk Plan #151 and this design has won for the second year in a row. Larry has a complete shop and has very graciously donated his tablesaw to The Habitat for Humanity in Springfield, Missouri. Congratulations on a great job!!!

Art Dadisman, Second Place from Doylestown, Ohio!

DeWalt 2 HP Plunge Router winner!

HOOSIER1.jpg (29390 bytes) HOOSIER2.jpg (31889 bytes) ART.jpg (16160 bytes)

                Art's Project was the Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet Plan #315 and he has done just a great job.
The case is of red oak and his attention to detail is excellent.

Patrick Fatyol, Third Place from Newbedford MA. !

DeWalt Biscuit Joiner Kit winner!

lingerie1.jpg (19367 bytes) lingerie2.jpg (28814 bytes) patrick fatyol.jpg (12176 bytes)

                                        Patrick, entered the contest a few days past the cut off date for last year but his
                                 workmanship on the Lingerie Dresser Plan #183 carried his project through the contest!!!


Our 2000 Furniture Design Contest winners!!!

Meet William Switzer, from Roanoke, Virginia our 2000 winner!

Grizzly table saw winner!

 switzer1A.jpg (7178 bytes) switzer2A.jpg (8346 bytes) switzer3A.jpg (7130 bytes) 2000 Tablesaw winner.jpg (4095 bytes)

William’s project was our Abe Cutler Roll Top Desk Plan #151 made from walnut that his son and a friend harvested. The drawers have half blind dovetails and selection of wood with matching grain patterns is very striking. This project is a fine example of great detail and craftsmanship.

Joseph Stuccio, Second Place from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania!

DeWalt 2 HP Plunge Router winner!

stuccio1A.jpg (6376 bytes) stuccio2A.jpg (8618 bytes)

Joseph’s Abe Cutler Roll Top Desk Plan #151 was made of cherry and tiger striped maple for the interior. Joe is a retired Doctor and a newcomer to woodworking. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of furniture, Joe!

Maureen Galitski, Third Place from Madison, Wisconsin!

DeWalt Biscuit Joiner Kit winner!

galitskiFront.jpg (4361 bytes) galitskimiddle.jpg (6478 bytes) galitskiend.jpg (4812 bytes)

Maureen’s rendition of Alice Roth-Suszynski’s Chest of Drawers Plan #166 was made of cherry, curly maple with the 1/8" reveal dividing the top painted black. This is a stunning piece. This was a great job Maureen!

Douglas Wing, Fourth Place from Benton Harbor, Michigan!

Rosewood Handled Chisel Set Winner!

wing1A.jpg (6643 bytes) wing2A.jpg (10388 bytes)

Doug made the Mission Buffet, Plan #154 from red oak. He also placed 5th in the state of Michigan Industrial Education Contest for 2000. Doug’s attention to detail and good craftsmanship has made a beautiful piece of furniture!

Jerry Kambestad & Katie Moyle Fifth Place from Santa Ana, California!

Rosewood Handled Chisel Set Winner!

Kambestad.jpg (9146 bytes)

Jerry and Katie are a Father-Daughter team that made the Mission Coffee Table Plan #234 from red oak. The Butterfly keys were made of Brazilian Rosewood. Jerry commented that it was a great "Family Project" and they were very pleased with the plans! Congratulations on a great job!

Our 1999 Furniture Design Contest winners!!!

 Meet Bruce Unruh, from Wichita, Kansas our 1999 winner!

Bruce Unruh.jpg (8123 bytes)   winner1.gif (19561 bytes)  winner2.gif (19848 bytes)

Bruce’s project was Garry Knox Bennett’s Calico Table, Plan # 100 made from walnut harvested from a large tree on his grandparents’ farm. The trim is birds-eye maple. The square and round pins are Cocobolo and the checkerboard squares are ebony and birds-eye maple. This project was a fine example of great detail and craftsmanship. Bruce’s tablesaw arrived two days before Christmas!

Steve Cox, Second Place from Windham, New Hampshire!

2nd1.gif (16588 bytes)    2nd2.gif (13333 bytes)     2nd3.gif (14486 bytes)

Steve’s rendition of our Abe Cutler Roll Top Desk, Plan #151 was made in ash and finished with a golden oak stain. Steve, is an amateur woodworker and works as a sales manger when he is not creating beautiful furniture for his home. Congratulations on an outstanding job, Steve!

David Buckley, third place from Delafield, Wisconsin!

3rd1.gif (15817 bytes) 3rd2.gif (13022 bytes) 3rd3.gif (12880 bytes)

David, made three chairs from the Spindle Arm Morris Chair Plan # 182. Two were made from cherry and the third, black walnut All the chairs were covered in leather. David’s careful selection of wood and matching grain patterns really set off these chairs. This was an great job, David!

Larry Hyatt, fourth place from Old Fort, North Carolina!

4th.gif (13537 bytes)

Larry completed the Peter Shapiro Acorn Workbench, plan # 161. This piece was made from hard maple with cherry end caps. When finished, everyone asked him what he was going to do with it as it was too pretty to use as a workbench! Larry, we have two of these in our shop and they are resilient as well as beautiful! Well done!

Jim Scott, fifth place winner is also from Wichita, Kansas!

                   5th1.gif (16277 bytes)        5th2.gif (15642 bytes)

Jim constructed the Mission Buffet plan # 154 from white oak and hardwood plywood. His customized rendition of this plan made a very striking example of our Mission style of furniture. Jim’s creativity and good craftsmanship make this piece a winner!

When you receive hundreds of entries during the course of the year that all reflect outstanding craftsmanship, it is very difficult to select the winners. We wish to thank all those who entered this year’s contest and encourage everyone to enter the FURNITURE DESIGN CONTEST.

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